"... the quality of the sign, with one impressive psychical force... From the peasant landscape to the heraldic-cavalleresco taste, from realistic portraits to the rinascimental citazionism, from fresco to the grotesque contamination. A nearly magical adventure".

Paolo Rizzi (Art Critic) Venezia, 30/11/1997

"... From 1997 Ghidòli seems to be strongly inspired to the masters of the past painting. He is in Venezia, in tune with the artistic history of this wonderful city...".

Orfango Campigli
Venezia, 24/01/1998

"An explicit citations of rinascimental paintings. The operation that puts in action Ghidòli appears evocative, supported by an obvious ability: he renew the historical and fascinating figural topics".

Enzo di Martino
Venezia, 17/01/1998

"... it’s not enough to say that these works distinguished itselves from others with graduate and fine tonality of colors, from which wonderful subjects full of light emerge in evocative places of Venezia".

Ismaele di Paolo
Venezia, 02/06/2000

“In his pictures you can feel the presence of the great Classical Art. The most prejudiced art critics may surrender to Ghidòli real great paintings”.

Guglielmo Gigli (Art Critic), Venezia, 24/02/2004
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