Giorgio Ghidòli was born in Milan in 1955.
After studying classical subjects, he started a personal search about
communication and painting. In 1974 he started his career as a painter and exhibited his works in many personal and collective exhibitions. For example in Milan at the "Museo della scienza e della tecnica" and at "Hotel Touring". Since 1976 he has worked as an illustrator for the comic magazine called "il Quaderno del Sale", for Banca Popolare of Milan and many advertising agencies. He drew book and magazine covers like "Euroclub", "Il Mondo" by Rcs-Rizzoli and "Espansione" by Mondadori. Since 1981 he has illustrated the most important italian magazines, such as "Capital", "Salve", "Oggi", "Natura Oggi", "Brava Casa", "Più Bella" and "Anna" by Rcs-Rizzoli,

"Gente Money" by Rusconi.

In 1986 he moved from Milan to the Orobie mountains near Bergamo and there he improved his painting activity and had many exhibitions in the most important centers around Lombardy and Ligury.

He has lived in Venice since 1997. His artistic production reflects lights and athmospheres of this city and the figurative ability perfects of personal portraits execution and of daily life scenes. For this reason he has a great success in Sant'Antonin Gallery in Venice.

The paintings of the Gallery are made by Giorgio Ghidòli
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