VENEZIA GALLERY resides in a tipical corner of Venice, between the Greeks’Church and St.Giorgio’s school.

Ghidoli’s art reflects the tradition: oil paints give rise to soft glazing to evoke original Venetian atmosphere, light pastels and watercolors capture the movement of the power of the rower on the gondola, reproducing, on details, in the wrinkles of the passing time, the vitality of a Venetian bridge.

Like the old masters, Ghidoli executes the traditional art of portraits: everyone can commission a portrait in order to see the own image on the canvas.

How would have Picasso painted a gondola? What colours would have Van Gogh used to depict Venice or how would have a gondola iron been designed by Leonardo? The original paintings of “Collezione Impossibile: la Gondola da Giotto a Picasso” reproduces the most famous painters' style in lights, technique and colour impasto.


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